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 Back to work blues....

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Back to work blues.... Empty
PostSubject: Back to work blues....   Back to work blues.... I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 12:31 pm

Well, its official, Xmas is over and I am now back in work........*Sigh*

Was so nice not having to be up at the crack of dawn, or working through the middle of the

Still, glad to see it is now 2011, and this is the year we have all been waiting for! Yes thats right!!! SW:TOR YEAR!!!!! Smile Smile

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year? And sorry for not being aound much over the Xmas period I was at my folks and their Internet was down for pretty much the entire time I was down their, meaning my only access was via my iPhone, and takes a long time to type a reply as epicly long as the ones I normally get around to writing haha Smile

Anyhow boys and girls, I should be about a little more for this week at least (Then off snowboarding for a week as of Sunday! WHOOOP WHOOOP!! Very Happy so won't be about much then either haha)

Take care all, and for all those others who woke up this morning at an hour far to early to be humane....I feel your pain, haha Smile

Author of a thread that spiralled out of all control...... Smile

Back to work blues.... Tyodisig1copygj8er6
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Back to work blues....
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