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 Hand of the Republic | PvP, PvE | RP (Casual to Heavy)

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Hand of the Republic | PvP, PvE | RP (Casual to Heavy)  Empty
PostSubject: Hand of the Republic | PvP, PvE | RP (Casual to Heavy)    Hand of the Republic | PvP, PvE | RP (Casual to Heavy)  I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 9:40 am

Greetings prospective guild member! Obviously you're here for information, so I'll get right to it; Hand of the Republic is an RP guild currently recruiting for a strong core of experienced, mature gamers looking to build a guild from the ground up. This means officer positions are available, but will not be handed out like candy. This is not a legacy guild that already has 200 members from other games. This is a fresh guild and we are expecting a lot of fresh players.

As of now, we want to create a foundation of members to build upon. This means dedicated MMOers who are competent and can function as a group. This guild will not focus on any specific end-game aspect over the other; PvP and PvE are both viable options. Our personal hopes for this guild is to be large enough and filled with enough skilled players that Pick-up Groups for both PvP and PvE will be common within the guild.

As for the goal of the guild, though much of the game still lies undiscovered to players, the main focus of the guild will be to provide a casual to heavy RP atmosphere to level in. Once we have enough end-gamers, we can turn our attention to gear. Currently, we have no infrastructure or positions filled so please inquire!

We have a guild website and a few members but are reaching out for others. Help us! You're our only hope!

If you'd like to join the guild, please post in or send me a message using the TOR boards.
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Hand of the Republic | PvP, PvE | RP (Casual to Heavy)
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