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 RP Forum Rules & Guidelines?

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RP Forum Rules & Guidelines? Empty
PostSubject: RP Forum Rules & Guidelines?   RP Forum Rules & Guidelines? I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 3:19 pm

Hello again, RPers! I have another RP Forum question for you.

What rules or guidelines do you think should be put in place for your forums? The only thing I can think of adding is a "Keep it PG" guideline. What do you folks think? For your reference I have the current incarnation of the RP Forum structure included below.


  • RP & Lore Forums = "The place for RP Help, Planning and Discussion, with sub-forums for RP and Lore"
    This is the place for planning out RP, looking for help on RP, and general discussion about all things RP. Whether your RP will be done in-game or on the forums, this is the place to discuss how, when, where, what, and all the myriad other details.
    Sub-Forums are provided for Star Wars Lore Discussion, Character Backgrounds, Open RP (actual forum RP rather than just discussing it), and Fan Stories.
    • Star Wars Lore Discussion = "The place for discussion of Lore. Spoiler Alert!"
      Whether you have questions or just wonder about other people's opinions this is the place to discuss the Star Wars "Canon" or official lore.

      PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this topic it is reasonable to assume that all threads in this sub-forum will contain spoilers of books, games, movies, etc...

    • Character Backgrounds = "The place for your character's background and biographical information."
      Have you written a background or biography for your in-game character? We encourage you to share it here! But please limit this to character backgrounds. This is the place to share or look for information you might want when dealing with other people's characters while RPing. Please note that on-going stories should be placed into the "Fan Stories" forum. Please feel free to provide a link to your character's on-going saga.
    • Open RP = "The place to run open forum RP sessions."
      Do you enjoy running or participating in forum RP? This is the place to do so. Remember to be respectful of other player character's choices! Please note that if you want to tell a story without other people participating, it should be placed in either the "Character Background" forum or the "Fan Stories" forum.
    • Fan Stories = "The place for your character's continuing saga and other fan stories."
      Do you keep a running journal/story on your character's exploits? Do you have a story that isn't about one of your in-game characters? This is the place to share them! If you want to leave your story open to others getting involved, please post it in the Open RP sub-forum.

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RP Forum Rules & Guidelines? Empty
PostSubject: Re: RP Forum Rules & Guidelines?   RP Forum Rules & Guidelines? I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 8:07 pm

I couldn't really come up with useful rules. Just would be good to get the feedback.

I guess it would be good not to have people inappropriately spoil game story.


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RP Forum Rules & Guidelines?
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