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 <Eldritch Collective> PVE and PVP on a RP Server

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<Eldritch Collective> PVE and PVP on a RP Server  Empty
PostSubject: <Eldritch Collective> PVE and PVP on a RP Server    <Eldritch Collective> PVE and PVP on a RP Server  I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 2:46 pm

Hey Riggers, Just wanted to put the word out for the Eldritch Collective. We are an easy going group of mmo'ers looking to add more to our ranks. We are easy going and mostly casual long time players of MMO's. We welcome all play-styles, classes, and alignments on the republic side. 

Server Type: PVE-RP (We have found from previous experience that RP servers seem to contain more respectful gamers then other server types)

End Game Goals: With SWTOR's more accessible operations we would like to eventually participate in all the end game activities such as operations, PvP, and high end crafting.

Guild Structure: The aim is for the guild to be an amenity to our members and not vice versa. In light of that the guild will endeavor to minimize all bureaucracy and pointless obligations of its members. We have only 5 ranks as of right now. 

Servitor: Guild Leader essentially but in our organization the highest position is taken in order to be a servent to all.

Artificer: Dedicated Crafters, help to organize crafting and coordinate the guilds efforts to supply its members with gear and matts.

Officer: Anyone who wishes to take a more active role and help out organizing activeis and answering questions helping out other members etc.

Member: For everyone who wants to just play and be a part of helpful respectful community of players.

Initiate: The rank of all new members until an officer positions to have them promoted to full member, there is no time limit or requirements other then good behavior and having an officer position to the Servitor for your entrance to the collective.

For more information or for anyone interested in joining the best way is to come on by our guild site on the official SWTOR site at:

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<Eldritch Collective> PVE and PVP on a RP Server
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