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 A colaborative RP Republic

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PostSubject: Re: A colaborative RP Republic   A colaborative RP Republic - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 5:25 pm

Yospeck wrote:
(I'd suggest making a new thread for the alliances idea, kinda derailing the initial thread Very Happy )

To the OP.

Depending on the 'level' of RP you want to do will determine which guild you seek out. If you've never done RP then I personally would jump straight in for a heavy RP group and embed yourself in the lore and see how other people do it. I'm a heavy RPer, I only play MMOs because of the RP, but still my guild and I like to quest/raid/PvP without any RP attached to it. You can have the best of both worlds.

My advice for you, if you did want to try some heavy RP (which really means more detailed lore to character concept, make a realistic character that is believable to others, and following the main 'RP Rules' that people recognize) is to do the following:

1) Go through which is a wiki with all the lore of the Star Wars Galaxy, and learn some lore for this era (Old Republic Era, just after the Great Galactic War). Get an idea of the timeline, what major events have happened, what factions are in place, and then check out the TOR website for a viable character (class and species).

2) Do some background bio for your character and learn some lore more detailed to them:
- How old are they? What has happened in their life time? Were they born before or after the Great War?
- What species are they? Were they born on their homeworld? What are the characteristics of that species? Are they known for having an angry temperament? Are they considered warriors? Are they intelligent?
- What class are you? If a Jedi or a Sith then learn some lore of the faction to get an idea of the structure and hierarchy of the Order/Empire. If you are a smuggler then learn some lore of the places he is likely to frequent (Hutta, Nar Shadda)

Note: What you know as the player is not the same as what the character knows. If you read the Sith timeline and played the KOTOR games then you know the in's and out's of Darth Revan, however, if you were RPing a simple Republic grunt then you would not know this level of information. Heavy RP is about making that separation between player and character

3) Pick up some traits for your character:
- What do they like? What do they hate?
- Are they friendly with new people? Or are they suspicious? Given their class/profession what are likely traits for someone in your position? (Smuggler - Cocky and wreckless, Imperial Agent - Suspicious and cautious, etc.)
- What do they fear? Don't be the hero all the time. This is the worst kind of RP, the guy who doesn't acknowledge that their character could die. Surrounded by a dozen Sith Lords, would you really laugh mockingly at them? Probably not....
- What are their vices/downfalls? Give them some bad qualities. Perhaps he drinks too much, or is a secret spice addict. Why does he drink? Maybe he lost his wife/daughter in the Great War and suffers from depression. Make them a real character with real problems.

4) Learn some of the 'RP Rules' most people follow:
- Don't OOC in public/spatial chat channels (keep OOC chat to private/guild/party channels)
- Don't metagame i.e. learn something about a character OOCly like through a forum, and then use this as information your character has gathered
- Don't PowerEmote e.g. emoting punching someone in the face, you have dominated what will happen and given the other player no choice in the matter, it is better to emote *tries to his <person> in the face* and then letting them respond as to whether they let you hit them, or whether they dodge the blow. Similarly, don't always try to dodge the blow when someone is hitting you! Show some flaws! Be the loser sometimes!
- Don't be the hero. As mentioned above, it's good to have flaws and be the guy that doesn't always win. People like to win, to do so someone has to lose, if every so often you choose to be that guy then you both show yourself as a better RPer but also give someone else the chance to be a hero for the day (though avoid people who always want to be the hero).

Creating a 'Mary Sue' type character can be the hardest point for non-RPers. Making a character that is believable but not a complete stereotype. Stereotypes change depending on the game and the situation, for example, Ty-Odi said that 'The Orphan' character is over done (Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter) and for the most part it really is. However, in this era we're post-Galactic war where planets were decimated including Coruscant... chances are that there's a lot of war orphans floating about Smile

I appreciate the RP instruction, but that was a bit O.T.

I've been RPing in MMOs, since there has been an MMO genre to RP in, and doing so online since 1995. Razz Good info though
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A colaborative RP Republic
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